Bushwalking Manual

This manual provides information for safe and enjoyable community-based bushwalking across Australia. The manual has been compiled by subject experts from Bushwalking Victoria and other state bushwalking counterparts.
The Bushwalking Manual is a revision and update of the Bushwalking and Ski Touring Leadership Handbook, last published by the Bushwalking and Mountaincraft Training Advisory Board in 2000. Link to the Bushwalking Manual.

Procedures and Guidelines

Copies of useful Club procedures, guidelines and forms can be found here. A comprehensive set of hiking equipment is available for hire for people wanting to try bushwalking for the first time without the expense of purchasing equipment.

Equipment Hire Policy
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Download Membership Form 2023-24 pdf version
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Download Membership Form 2023-24 in Word
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Hire Equipment June 2023
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Membership Renewal Procedure July 2021
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PECMI Form July 2021 (Emergency Contact and Medical Info)
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Acknowledgement of Risk – Temporary Members July 2021
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Emergency Contact System July 2021
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Information for the Overdue Contact July 2021
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Book Collection June 2017
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Privacy Policy November 2021
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SBWC Rules 2013
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